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Chapter 11B, Division 8 (Special Rooms, Spaces, and Elements)

2019 CBC Revisions:
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Chapter 11B, Division 8 (Special Rooms, Spaces, and Elements) 

EVCS Identification Signs

11B-812.8.7 Location. Required identification signs shall be visible from the EVCS it serves. Signs shall be permanently posted either immediately adjacent to the vehicle space or within the projected vehicle space width at the head of the vehicle space. Signs identifying van accessible vehicle spaces shall contain the designation “van accessible.” Signs shall be 60 inches (1525 mm) minimum above the finish floor or ground surface measured to the bottom of the sign. Signs located within an accessible route a circulation path shall be 80 inches (2032 mm) minimum above the finish floor or ground surface measured to the bottom of the sign. Signs may also be permanently posted on a wall at the interior end of the vehicle space.

Adult Changing Facilities

See also scoping requirements and legal background at Division 2.

11B-813 Adult changing facilities. Adult changing facilities shall comply with Section 11B-813.

11B-813.1 Location. Adult changing facilities shall be provided within a unisex (single-user or family) toilet room or other similar private room.

11B-813.2 Features. Adult changing facilities shall provide features in compliance with Section 11B-813.2.

11B-813.2.1 Adult changing table. Adult changing tables shall be fixed to the floor or a wall and shall comply with Section 11B-813.2.1.

11B-813.2.1.1 Size. Adult changing tables shall have a changing surface of 70 inches minimum length and 30 inches minimum width.

11B-813.2.1.2 Clearance. A 36 inches minimum width side clearance shall be provided along the entire length of one side of adult changing tables. At both ends of adult changing tables, clearance shall be provided measuring 36 inches minimum wide and a minimum length as long as the table width plus the width of the side clearance. End and side clearances shall be measured from teh outermost extent of the table. Floor or ground surfaces of clearances shall comply with Section 11B-302. Changes in level are not permitted.

Figure 11B-813.2.1.2 Clearance Around Adult Changing Table

11B-813.2.1.3 Height and operation. Adult changing table height shall be adjustable from 17 inches above the floor or ground to 38 inches above the floor or ground, as measured to the top of the changing surface. Height adjustability shall be powered. Operable parts shall comply with Section 11B-309.

11B-813.2.1.4 Capacity. Adult changing tables shall provide a minimum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

11B-813.2.1.5 Obstructions. When deployed, changing tables shall not obstruct the required width of an accessible route except as allowed by Section 11B-307.2.

11B-813.2.2 Water closet. No fewer than one water closet in compliance with Section 11B-604.

11B-813.2.3 Lavatory. One lavatory in compliance with Section 11B-606.

11B-813.2.4 Waste receptacle. No fewer than one waste receptacle in compliance with Section 11B-603.5.

11B-813.2.5 Coat hook. No fewer than one coat hook shall be provided in close proximity to the changing table an within one of the reach ranges specified in Section 11B-308.

11B-813.2.6 Shelf. No fewer than one shelf shall be provided in close proximity to the changing table at 40 inches minimum and 48 inches maximum above the finish floor.

11B-813.2.7 Accessories. Where provided, no fewer than one of each accessory shall comply with Section 11B-603.5.

11B-813.2.8 Turning space. Turning space complying with Section 11B-304 shall be provided within adult changing facilities.

11B-813.2.9 Overlap. Required clear floor spaces, clearance at fixtures, and turning space shall be permitted to overlap.

11B-813.2.10 Door swing. A door, in any position, shall be permitted to encroach into the turning space by 12 inches maximum. Where a clear floor space complying with Section 11B-305.3 is provided within the room beyond the arc of the door swing, doors shall be permitted to swing into the clear floor space, clearance required for any fixture, and clearance required for adult changing tables.

11B-813.2.11 Privacy latch. Each door to adult changing facilities shall have a privacy latch.

11B-813.2.12 Signs. A room identification sign complying with Section 11B-216 shall be provided at entrances to adult changing facilities. The text of the room identification sign shall be “ADULT CHANGING ROOM”.

An informational sign complying with Section 11B-216 shall be provided within adult changing facilities and in close proximity to the changing table. The informational sign shall indicate the maximum weight capacity of the adult changing table, as determined by the table manufacturer.

Where the commercial place of public amusement has a central directory, the central directory shall indicate the location of adult changing facilities. Where other directories indicate the location of toilet facilities, the other directories shall also indicate the location of adult changing facilities.