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Chapter 2 Definitions

2019 CBC Revisions:
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Chapter 2 Definitions 

Stair Definitions

The intent of this change is to clarify the code definition of riser while also demoting the definitions of step and tread to standard dictionary definitions.

The upright part between two adjacent stair treads, between either an upper or lower landing and an adjacent stair tread, or between two adjacent landings.
A riser and tread.
The horizontal part of a step.

Adult Changing Facilities Definitions

See Divisions 2 and 8 for scoping and technical requirements, respectively, for adult changing facilities.

Adult changing facility.
A facility that is for use by persons with disabilities who need assistance with personal hygiene.
Commercial place of public amusement.
An auditorium, convention center, cultural complex, exhibition hall, permanent amusement park, sports arena, theater or movie house for which the maximum occupancy is 2,500 or more for the facility. Cultural complexes include but are not limited to art galleries, symphony, concert halls, and museums. A commercial place of public amusement does not include any public or private higher education facility or district agricultural associations.
District Agricultural Associations.
Those associations regulated by the California Food and Agricultural Code, Division 3, Part 3.

From the California Food and Agricultural Code, Division 3, Part 3:
3951. Fifty or more persons, who are residents of a district, may form an association to be known as and designated as the ____ District Agricultural Association, for the following purposes:
(a) Holding fairs, expositions and exhibitions for the purpose of exhibiting all of the industries and industrial enterprises, resources and products of every kind or nature of the state with a view toward improving, exploiting, encouraging, and stimulating them.
(b) Constructing, maintaining, and operating recreational and cultural facilities of general public interest.