Michael Ellars


Michael Ellars, AIA, APX, CSI, CDT, LEED AP, CASp

Chapter 11B, Division 3 (Building Blocks)

2016 CBC Revisions:
Accessibility Preview

Chapter 11B, Division 3 (Building Blocks) 

Electric Vehicle Connectors

11B-309.4 Operation. Operable parts shall be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate operable parts shall be 5 pounds (22.2 N) maximum.

Exception: Gas pump nozzles and electric vehicle connectors shall not be required to provide operable parts that have an activating force of 5 pounds (22.2 N) maximum.

While this additional exception is logically consistent with the apparent intent of the 2010 ADA Standards, it is unclear if the mechanical safety features required for safe operation of a gas pump nozzle would be considered equivalent to the safety features of an elecgtric vehicle’s charging connector.